Android Utilities App which Provides Simple Functions

About IanApp


IanApp is an Android application developed using MIT App Inventor, designed to serve as a fundamental utility. Its primary purpose is to offer common functionalities and a selection of mini-games. These encompass, but are not restricted to, a random number generator, a shopping list, a to-do list with diary entries, a drawing pad, a step counter, a stopwatch timer, math quizzes, as well as additional mini-games such as Guess My Number, Ping Pong, and Catch the Ball. The creation of this app aims to facilitate users' access to multiple simple functions within a single application, eliminating the need to search and install separate apps for each specific function. While the functionalities provided by this app may not be groundbreaking, they undoubtedly contribute to my ongoing progress in programming comprehension during the early stages.

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Idea Into Reality...

I have had the initial idea of such an app in late 2020 amidst the global pandemic, and subsequently commenced its development in March 2021. Following a month of intensive work, the first version of IanApp was launched, marking the beginning of an ongoing process of improving the app over the next few months.

Something That's Useful...

I have long been dreaming to develop a mobile application. Initially, I've learnt to use drag-and-drop blocks editor to create silly games at school, yet I suspect maybe I could do better than that. After acquiring a deeper understanding of MIT App Inventor, I successfully developed an application with the potential to significantly enhance individuals' daily lives.